How to Find the Best Home Improvement Contractor?

How to Find the Best Home Improvement Contractor?

If you are planning a major home improvement project you will probably need to hire a general contractor to oversee the job. These types of projects can get very expensive, so it is very important that you do your research ahead of time to make sure you find the best home improvement contractor for your project.

The first thing you should do is start compiling a list of general contractors that might possibly be a good fit for your home improvement project. You can do searches online and on the yellow pages, as also get references from family, friends, and neighbors.

After you have a list of potential candidates, verify that the general contractors are fully insured and also have all required local and states licenses. General contractors should always carry sufficient worker’s compensation and liability insurance. If you were to hire a contractor that did not have sufficient insurance, you could potentially be liable for any accidents or property damage that occurred on your property, so before hiring any general contractor, ask them for proof of insurance.

Also, ask each contractor for references from customers with similar home improvement projects. Follow up with these references to find out if they were satisfied with the work done by the contractor and if possible see if you can view any of the contractor’s past projects. Another thing you can do is contact the Better Business Bureau in your area to make sure there haven’t been any complaints filed against them.

Once you are down to your shortlist of candidates, get written estimates for your home improvement project from several general contractors. Don’t make your final decision on which home improvement contractor to hire based solely on price. You will want to compare their rates as well as their qualifications. Sometimes the cheapest rate is not always the best. You will want to factor in their experience and qualifications, the feedback you got from their references, your level of rapport with them.

After you make your final decision on which home improvement contractor you plan to hire, go over the contract thoroughly before signing it. Make sure the contractor includes the cost for labor and materials, the start and the end date for the job, and any warranties that may apply to any of the materials, appliances, or machinery that is being installed.

Major home improvement projects are quite expensive and often require experienced experts to get the job done. Make sure you do a thorough investigation of any home improvement contractor you plan to hire. The time you spend will definitely be well worth it to ensure that you find a qualified home improvement contractor you will be happy with.