For sure he's making a suggestive comment.
Photo by Cindy Appel.

January 12, 1951 to December 30, 2002

We all miss you, Will. You were a real treat to work and play with.

Most of Will's friends knew that he read, spoke and wrote Mandarin - one of the most difficult languages to learn, that he worked as a paleontologist in many foreign countries for some pretty impressive universities, and that he was an accomplished whitewater oarsman on the granddaddy of whitewater rivers, the Colorado in the Grand Canyon.

But did you know that he didn't have a college degree in Mandarin or paleontology, yet is one of the few paleontologists in the world who translated highly technical paleontological research documents from Chinese into English? Also, he never worked as a professional river guide, yet rowed his own boat on his first oar trip through the Canyon. These amazing skills were largely self taught!

This site contains pictures and stories by and about Will and his adventures on Planet Earth.

If you'd like a CD showing video footage Will's runs through some the major rapids in the Grand Canyon, I'll trade you one for a contribution to this site. It's an mpeg2 file about 9 minutes long and can be opened with Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or Quicktime. Send me a story about you and Will, how you met, a picture of you and Will (or Will and other friends or just a good one of Will), a list of his favorite music or foods (besides Nuclear Garlic Bread), add to the list of his publications, etc. Email the stories as txt, rtf, wpd or doc files and the pics as jpg or gif files (mac or pc) or smail copies of prints and I'll scan them. Add captions or suggest an additional category if you want. Include your smail address if you want a copy of the CD:

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Feel free to download stories or pics, just give the author/photographer credit if you pass them around:

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