First Descents of the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet
If a segment of a river that has been run is not listed, it does not mean it has not been run - it only means we have not received information on a first descent. If you have information about a first descent that is not listed or if there are errors in the info shown, contact Pete Winn at

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Yarlung Overview

1986, Yarlung Headwaters, Arlene Burns

1994, Upper Gyatsa Gorge, Gillenwaters, Fisher and Manthey

1998a, Main Stream of Yarlung, Chinese student team

1998b, Upper Po, Steve Currey

1998c, Upper Great Bend, Walker Expedition

1999, Parlung Tsangpo, Steve Currey

2002a, Upper Great Bend and Lower Po, Scott Lindgren

2002b, Middle Kyi Chu, Earth Science Expeditions

2003 to Present, Yarlung & Tributaries, Wind Horse Adventures

2005, Raka Tsangpo Headwaters, Shangri La River Expeditions

2007, Lower Gyatse Gorge, Kern, Weingartens and Bowerman

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