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Yarlung Tsangpo

A couple of American kayakers snuck into Tibet and ran the Yarlung Tsangpo from Lhatze to Lhasa in 1986. It wasn't until 1998 that Chinese rafters completed a first descent from source to Lhatze, then from Lhasa to the Great Bend. While this team was hiking the Great Bend to photograph Hidden Falls, an American team attempted to kayak the Great Bend on the tail end of a flood, making 27 of the 60 miles before one of them drowned. At low water in February of 2002, an international team ran another 17 miles in a gala event sponsored by Chevy Avalanche and Outside Magazine.

Both Earth Science Expeditions (2002 & 2005) and Wind Horse Adventures (2003-2006) completed first descents of major tributaries to the Tsangpo. These include the Raka, Reting (upper Lhasa or Kyi), Drigung, Tulong, upper Parlung and Yigong.

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