Lhasa River, Tibet

Photo by Steve Swann

Earth Science Expeditions drove by the canyon entrance to the Kyi Chu (Lhasa River) on its way to explore the Salween north of Lhasa in 2000. The canyon looked enticing, so in 2002 they returned to explore it. They put-in near Poindo, at the confluence with the Reting Tsangpo (30 11 03N, 91 20 59E, elev 13,400'). Between 2000 and 2002, the Chinese built a road along the river, which is a braided stream with a few Class 2 rapids and challenging route picking through extensive gravel bar islands. A few years later the Chinese completed a dam a few miles above the take-out (30 00 24N, 91 51 51E). This stretch is not a good repeat run. However, the stretch of the river above Poindo, called the Reting Tsangpo, is a great Class 3-4 run. See 2003, Wind Horse Adventures.

See Lhasa River Expedition, 2002 for details.

Geology of the Lhasa Headwaters Area

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