Shuiluo in Sichuan

In 2005, Travis Winn, Jed Weingarten, Willie Kern, Polk Deters, Dunbar Harvey and Land Heflin, all Class 6 kayakers, completed the exploration of the 35 mile stretch of the Shuiluo that had been attempted by Eric Hertz of Earth River Expeditions in 1996. From the photo above, it's clear that Hertz had made a good decision to abort his expedition.

They put-in at an elevation of 6150' near 28.122905, 100.558765. The confluence at the northern crest of the Yangzte's Great Bend is at 27.758632, 100.374771 elevation 4860'. The average gradient is about 30' per mile with short sections up to 100' per mile, flow about 1000 cfs. The team continued past the confluence and took out about 15 miles downstream. Winn returned in March 2006 for a second descent, and has concluded that this is not a good repeat run - it has too many rock seive rapids.

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