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Yalong Jiang in Western Sichuan

The Yalong is the largest tributary to the Yangzte in western China. It has a great bend similar to the Yangtze Great Bend. The river canyon is mostly occupied by Tibetans. A road follows most of the upper reaches, which were partly explored by a Chinese rafting team led by Chen Lianyue in 2000 (no pics available). Chen participated in a Grand Canyon trip sponsored by Earth Science Expeditions in 2004. At low water in the winter of 2006, American Travis Winn, a good friend of Chen's, led a first descent kayak expedition of a roadless section of the Yalong west and southwest of the Gongga Shan area. In November 2010, Winn led a first descent kayak expedition of the Litang River, a large tributary to the Yalong just to the west of the 2006 section. Map adapted from Rand McNalley, photos from the 2006 expedition by Hutch Brown and Travis Winn.

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First Descent of the middle Yalong, 2006

First Descent of the Litang, 2010

Chinese expedition through the Grand Canyon, 2004

First Descent of Rivers in western China

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