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Tributaries of the Yangtze in Western Sichuan

There are three major tributaries to the Yangzte in western Sichuan - the Yalong (see link below), the Dadu and the Min. Each becomes a huge river due to myriad smaller tributaries in this area. The region is dominated by Gongga Shan, at 24,900' the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. It will be years before these rivers are fully explored, but in 2003 and 2004, an American Travis Winn led three first descent kayak expeditions and identified numerous Class 4 -5 creek to big water runs. A Chinese company offers commercial rafting on a short stretch of a Min River tributary north of Chengdu.

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YouTube video about the following expeditions:

First Descents of Rivers in western Sichuan in 2003

First Descents of Rivers in western Sichuan in 2004

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