Travis Winn in a photo from Chinese newspaper, Oct 2003

Sections of these tributaries of the Yangtze in Sichuan west and northwest of Chengdu were run during three expeditions: June 2002 (Travis Winn and Collin Poczatek), August 2003 (Travis Winn, Clive Williamson and Dan Monskey) and September 2003 (Travis Winn, Brad Ludden, Ben Selznic, Trask McFarland and Arden Oksanen). All were hosted by Liu Li of Sichuan Scientific Exploration Association of Chengdu, Sichuan.

An article summarizing the expeditions, Rivers of the Gongga Shan area, was published by Travis Winn in English in American Whitewater (Fall 2004) and also in Chinese in the Chinese equivalent of Outside Magazine.

Map and details by Travis Winn. Contact him at traviswinn at for more information.

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