Map of west central Sichuan adapted from Rand McNalley New Millenium Atlas

Qing Yi Jiang (2003e), August

put-in: 30 21"N, 48 35"E
take-out: 7 km later at first tributary from river right (bridge, blue water stream)

Dong He (2003b, east tributary to Qing Yi Jiang above Baoxing), September

put-in: 30 32"N, 102 54"E
take-out: 30 26"N, 102 51"E

Tian Quan He (2003c), September

Above Two Bridges
put-in: 29 56"N, 102 23"E take-out: 29 57"N, 102 25"E (same as put-in for next run)

Below Two Bridges
put-in: At second of two bridges (bridges w/in 50m of each other)
take-out: 30 0"N, 102 27"E (8 km later)

Zhe Duo He (2003d), August

Kanding town (1 km run)
put-in: Last set of stairs before main road leaves river (going upstream)
take-out: Set of stairs on river right directly after concrete bridge.

Hotsprings section (follow main Zhe Duo He upstream, put-in where road crosses river), September
put-in: 30 00"N, 101 57"E
take-out: pool above second dam (run first dam)

North fork (Along main road to Xinduqiao after it starts to climb pass)
put-in: 29 59"N, 101 51"E
take-out: 2.1 km later at or 100m below bridge before creek descends into gorge while road stay up high.

Lushu (2003e), August

Open valley section, 10-11 km, class 2
put-in: 29 41"N, 101 27"E
take-out: 29 38"N, 101 23"E

Tributary from left. Main road follows to Juilong.
put-in: open gravel field, upstream class 5, downstream class 3-4
take-out: 29 33"N, 101 20"E

Xian Shui He (2003f), August

put-in: 30 18"N, 100 59"E
take-out: At confluence between Yalong Jiang and black water tributary from left, about 2 km below where Xian Shui joins Yalong Jiang. Stupa at confluence and bridge across Yalong Jiang.

Maoniu He (2003g), August

put-in: 30 51"N, 101 48"E
take-out: confluence w/Dadu

Dajing He (2003h), August

Large rapid 8-10 km upstream from Danba

Pitiao (Wolong, 2002, 2003i), August

put-in: 30 57"N, 103 04"E (after Class 5-6)
take-out:4 km later at or above logging checkpoint

put-in: 3 km above major tributary from left, about 20 km downstream from Wolong
take-out: bridge below confluence w/major tributary

Hong Kou (2003j), August, commercially rafted by Chinese

put-in: road down to river about 10 km above dam, beyond main sets of umbrellas and restaurants.
take-out: at dam

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