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Salween River

Currey River Expeditions attempted to run the Salween in Tibet in 1995, but had to cancel due to the completion and filling of the Chalong Dam near Nagqu, which dried up the river below the dam. Earth Science Expeditions successfully ran this stretch in 2000, rowing across the reservoir and portaging around the dam. The Salween in northwest Yunnan, from Bingzhongluo to Liuku, was first run in 1996 by an American team, White Pearl Expeditions. A road follows the river, so the team car camped. Their original intent was to teach the Chinese to run their own rafts, but the small, lightly loaded rafts flipped in the big rapids so often the Chinese were spooked and the plan failed. In 2004 Jed Weingarten and Scott Lindgren ran the Salween from the Tibet border to Gongshan (including about 30 miles of first descent). The section from the main highway bridge at Po to near the Tibet-Yunnan border was run by a group led by Travis Winn, Jed Weingarten and Willie Kern in March 2007. The section from Biru to Sadeng was run by Earth Science Expeditions in June 2007 and the section from Sadeng to the Lhorong-Marri bridge was run by Last Descents (www.lastdescents.com) and Earth Science Expeditions in September 2007. The section from Marri to Po was run by Willie Kern and Jed Weingarten in March 2008, and the section below Liuku was run by Last Desdecents in 2012 (see links below).

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