Salween from the Baoshan-Tengchong Bridge to Myanmar, 2017

Much of this section is roadless.
Map provided by Rocky Contos.

In May 2017, Rocky Contos, Director of SierraRios, led a 160 km first descent of the Salween from Dengaocun (24.934393, 98.888061 elev 660) to the Myanmar border (24.083013, 98.592392 elev 540) with 1 raft, 1 kayak, 3 people including Martin Brenner and 1 Chinese bilingual guide (Lolita). Average gradient is about 0.75m/km (4 ft/mi) and discharge was estmated to be about 50,000 cfs. The lower section goes through an excellent "Second Bend of the Nujiang" that is quite remote with no roads and thus one of the best for multiday trips. They stopped at a relaxing 39C hot springs before entering this section. Also, the whole section is easy enough for most rafters to feel safe, but still have some fun. Although we got local permits, the border police were not happy that we paddled the section straddling the border, and had us come to their office in Mucheng to review all our photos and video.

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