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First Descents of the Salween River in China

If a segment of a river that has been run is not listed, it does not mean it has not been run - it only means we have not received information on a first descent. If you have information about a first descent that is not listed or if there are errors in the info shown, contact Pete Winn at

Salween Overview

Salween 1996 - White Pearl Expeditions

Salween 2000 - Earth Science Expeditions

Salween 2004 - Weingarten, Kern & Lindgren

Salween 2007a - Winn, Weingarten, Kern and others

Salween 2007b - Earth Science Expeditions

Salween 2007c - Last Descents and Earth Science Expeditions

Salween 2008 - Kern & Weingarten

Salween 2012 - Last Descent River Expeditions

Salween 2017 - SierraRios Expeditions

Yu Qu 2015 - Last Descents River Expeditions

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