Mekong in NW Yunnan

Boaters: Mick O'Shea (Australia) and Brian Eustis (USA)

Address: 046/13 Sethathirath Rd, Vientiane, Vietnam

Put-in date: Early June, 2004

Nearest town to beginning of unrun section: Baijxun, Yunnan

Put-in elevation: about 7,000 ft

Nearest town to end of unrun section: Bridge between Yong Ping and Baoshan, Yunnan

Length: about 200 miles

Number of river days: 4

Average gradient: 15 ft/mile

Estimated flow: about 45,000 cfs

Class: 4

Size of group: 2 kayaks

Additional Info: This a roadside stretch and permits are either not required or they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Chinese rafting companies have scouted this section and they believe it is suitable for commercial rafting.

References:Wildside Asia, Wet Dawg Outdoor Eyes, Kayakmind and email from Mick. Note that details in the journals posted on these sites are inconsistent with better documented information, and that Mick has subsequently provided more accurate information.

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